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General Characteristics
Very sprightly and, without stiltiness or in-kneed appearance. Well balanced
Type: Body wide at the shoulders and narrowing slightly to root of tail. Long flat back, round full breast. Large wings, full tail carried at 45║, full sweeping sickles.
Head: Well balanced, fine skull. Short beak, prominent eyes. Comb single - fine, straight & erect, extending beyond back of head;  or rose - large, firm, extending straight out behind. Face smooth. Ear lobes well developed and pendant. Wattles long & thin.
Neck: Long, profusely covered with hackle feathers & carried upright.
Legs & Feet: Legs moderately long. Shanks fine & round, free of feathers. Toes, four, long, straight & well spread, back toe straight out at rear. Scales small & close fitting.
Plumage: Silky texture, free from woolliness or excessive feather.
Handling: Firm, with abundance of muscle.

Colours: Golden Duckwing Pyle
  Silver Duckwing White
  Partridge Black
  Brown Blue
  Buff Mottled
  Exchequer Cuckoo
  Columbian Blue-Red
Scale of points: Type & Carriage 25
Comb 10
Lobe 10
Eyes 5
Legs 10
Breast 5
Size 5
Colour 20
Condition 10
Total 100
Weights: Large Youngsters Bantam
  Male 3.4Kg (7Żlb) 2.7-2.95Kg (6-6Żlb) 1020g (36oz) max
  Female 2.5Kg (5Żlb) 2-2.25Kg (4Ż-5lb) 910g (32oz) max

Serious Defects:
Ear lobes red. Any white on face. Legs other than yellow or orange. Single comb: Male's comb twisting or falling over; or females erect: Rose comb other than rose or such as to obstruct sight.
See notes on Judging