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Scottish National Results 2016

Champion - photo courtesy of Joshua Kettle

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th January 2016

Judge – Jim Finlayson MBE

Dear Members, 
Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to judge the Leghorn club show at the Scottish National held in my home and bird town of Lanark. 

Once again, there was a good turnout of entries with just a few empty pens.  The quality of the large leghorns was rather moderate with heads letting many of the birds down.  However, the bantams were of an outstanding quality overall - a real honour and credit to all the breeders and exhibitors.   The strongly supported classes of black pullets and white pullets were really “la crθme de la crθme”.   The Champion (black pullet) was a tremendous bird on excellent form looking her best on the day.  The ones placed behind her (2nd – 4th) were also exceptional pullets – just a matter of opinion.  

My only criticism was that some of the leghorns were allocated pens three high due to the shortage of hall space – my steward Mrs Hazel Dickson had to stand on a box handing the birds down to me.

Thank you again for the opportunity to handle and judge such quality birds.  Full results follow.

Jim Finlayson MBE

Overall Results –

Champion & Best Bantam – Parker & Nichson (Black Bantam Pullet)

Best Opposite Size & Best Large- I Brandi (Cuckoo Large Pullet)

Best Opposite Sex Large – R. Grice.

Best Opposite Sex Bantam – O. Chalker & Son

Best White Leghorn Bantam – J. McLachlan

Best Black Leghorn Bantam - Parker & Nichson

Best Brown Leghorn Bantam- O. Chalker & Son

Best Blue Leghorn Bantam – C. Brandi

Best AOC Leghorn Bantam – K. R Ashley

Class Results –






Large Fowl

White Female (7 entries)

R. Lennox

Waterworth & Woods

Waterworth & Woods

D. J Watson

AOC Male (2 entries)

R. Grice

B. Wentink



Brown Female (2 entries)

A. Brandi




AOC Female (7 entries)

A. Brandi

D.J Watson

D.J Watson

R. Grice







White Male (12 entries)

O. Chalker & Son

O. Chalker & Son

O. Chalker & Son

G.N. Thornton

White Hen (6 entries)

N. Parker

G.P. Macauley

J. Harrop

G.P. Macauley

White Pullet (28 entries)

J. McLachlan

J. McLachlan

O. Chalker & Son

Parker & Nichson

Black Male (5 entries)

K. J Boyd

G.N. Thornton

G.P. Macauley

G.P. Macauley

Black Pullet (36 entries)

Parker & Nichson

H. Guthrie

J.T Crowther

J.T Crowther

Brown Male (4 entries)

J.T Crowther

O. Chalker & Son

K. R Ashley

C. Brandi

Brown Female (6 entries)

O. Chalker & Son

D & C Ash

T & C Butler

K. R Ashley

Blue Female (7 entries)

C. Brandi

R. Currie

R. Currie

W. J Borthwick

AOC Male (4 entries)

Parker & Nichson

K. R Ashley

K. R Ashley

C. Brandi

AOC Female (3 entries)

K. R Ashley

K. R Ashley

C. Brandi


A. C Junior

D. Currie





Scottish National Results 2015

Champion                                                             Reserve

Judge, John Cummings 

It was a great pleasure to be asked to judge the Leghorn club show at the Scottish National.

 On the whole the Leghorns were of good quality and well presented. The large fowl not as strong as the bantams. As usual the white and black bantam females were strong, some good birds not getting carded, Possibly a case for a couple of extra prize cards in the big classes.

Large Fowl

White M
1.D J Watson    Decent size and type. lacks in colour
2. M&N Neil     Small bird, not same quality

White F.
1.D J Watson Good type and size , comb could be better
2. DJ Watson Similar to winner, but smaller bird
3.Waterworth&Woods  Good head and lobes, small bird, narrow front

1.A Brandi  Good size and colour
2. P&JJ Stubbs  Close to winner. good size and colour comb lets  him down
3. A Brandi. Too small

1. P&JJ Stubbs  Good size and type
2.DJ Watson Smaller bird poor leg colour

Brown F.
1. A Brandi  Lacks in size, small comb and lobes



White M.
1.   G&N Thornton Easy class winner
2. S J Musson ,Good bird, sickles not finished yet
2. J T Crowther, Good bird but comb falling over

White F.
1.N Parker  Good type and size
2. J M Harrop Good bird let down by comb
3.J R Mclachlan  good type but poor tail

White P
1. Waterworth&Woods Very good bird close to champion small blemish on lobe
2.R Lennox Good type and size
3 J Hardie good bird slightly small lobes

Black M
1.D J Watson.  Strong bird close to champion
2. K J Boyd  Good type pullet breeder
3. J Hardie  Comb falling over

Black P
1. R Currie. Very good bird size type colour and handled really well  
2.J T Crowther. Close to winner similar bird.
3.Waterworth&Woods . Nice type let down by leg colour

Brown M .
1.C Brandi. Rose comb good size and colour
2.J T Crowther. To big poor lobes

Brown F.
1. J T Crowther. Big again poor lobes

Blue F.
1.R Currie. good type size and colour
2 D L Agar. Good type nice colour to big

1.Parker&Hickson Good colour and type , slightly
2.C Brandi. not as good as marked as winner
3.L Dixon  good size poor lobes and leg colour

1.Parker&Hickson  Good size and type well marked
2.J T Crowther Poorly marked not as fit as winner

AC Junior 
1.  C Brandi  Average bird


Show champion. was R Currie with a black pullet

Reserve champion. was Waterworth &Woods with a white pullet

Best large was D J Watsons.  white female

 Many thanks once again

                              John Cummings



The Scottish National 2013 : Judge R Grice

Large fowl
White male---no entries

White female
1.Waterworth and Woods- a very good pullet very fit my chose for best large
2. DJ Watson-------
3.DJ Watson --------both birds not the quality of the first

A.O.C. Male
1. J Finlayson (jnr) Duckwing-nice big strong bird (Best opp sex)
2. A Brandi -Brown very young needs more time
3.None member - Exchequer nice colour very small

Brown Female
1.A Brandi- a very similar ,bit on the dark side
2. A Brandi - ------------ ----------------------

A.O.C. Female
1.P&JJ Stubbs Black- Nice big fresh pullet good head just lacked colour
2.J Finlayson(jnr) Black - good pullet just gone over the top
3.J Finlayson (jnr) - Black- very similar to second

White Male
1.B McCauley - Best white cockerel of a poor bunch , very disappointing class from previous years quality
2. B McCauley
3.J McLahlan -pullet breeder

White hen
1.R K Walkinshaw - looked like a pullet that had gone over the top
2. H Guthrie-very nice breeding hen
3. B McCauley

White pullet
1.H Guthrie-very good pullet very fit well shown only real fault was it lacked a bit of thigh, (My chose for champion)
2.C Gardner- very nice pullet just a bit young, well put down would have been champion needs pen training worth the journey from Cornwall
3.J McLachlan -- Good type bird, a bit soft in comb
A good class for quality but a lot of pullets were to sappy and struggling with the colder weather

Black Male
1.K Boyd-nice bird looked a bit weathered
2.---------- Pullet breeder

Black Hen
1.P&JJ Stubbs- Good hen excelled in colour
2,H Guthrie - good breeding hen

Black pullet
1.D Agar- very good pullets excellent quality easy winners(Reserve champion)
2. D Agar as above
3.Waterworth and Woods-This bird was fit on the day poor top colour

Brown Male
1. H Guthrie nice cock white in wing
2. L McLeod- pullet breeder

Brown Female
1.J Crowther- very good pullets very well shown need to watch size
2.J Crowther- -------------------------------------------
3. D Ash -very good coulour just over the top

Blue Male
1.L Dixon- Lavender cock a bit black in his legs
2 . R Currie-Nice blue colour but very white
in under colour and tail should bred some nice pullets

Blue Female
1.Waterworth and Woods- a nice Lavender pullet fit and well shown could just do with an other serration in the comb
2. J T Crowther-Pullet big enough just over the top
3. L Dixon -Lavenders very nice birds best class for overall quality very nice to see

A.O.C. Male
1.C Brandi- duckwing my chose for best opp sex bantam

A.O.C. Female

1.C Brandi- Exchequer very nice bird just lacked a bit of compotation

A.C. Novice
1J Kittle white hen well done, hope to see this young man in open class next year or two,

A.C.Junior male
1.C Brandi -Exchquer nice colour just needed a bit more body very good effort

A.C. Junior Female
1.C Brandi- Brown nice bird should have been in a open class, watch out James Crowther this is a very keen young man.

Just like to thank you for letting me judge all of your birds. A good show overall nice to see some keen fanciers with birds coming from large distances away, many thanks

Richard Grice


Our two judges holding Champion and Best Opposite Size to Champion
(You are allowed to smile guys!)

Champion. 1449 WaterWorth and Woods Black bantam pullet also overall Reserve show champion
Best Large 0171 R Lennox White pullet. best opposite size to champion
Best opposite sex bantam 1415 D Wilkinson ( white)
Best opposite sex large 0180 S. D. Elliot (brown)



That's better Jim!

Best Opposite Size to Champion

Male no entries

Female(9 entries)
1. 0171 R Lennox
2.0175 R Grice
3. 0172 Waterworth /Woods

A.O.C. (7Entered)
1, R Grice -Good bodied bird, fit, decently marked nice large lobes good leg colour easy class winner (cuckoo)
2. P&JJ Stubbs Good bodied bird good top colour smallish lobs quit fit. (Black)
3. D.J.Watson Good bodied bird over the top competition wise (black)

A.O.C Male (2 entries)
1. 0180 S.D Elliot
2. 0179 R W Baynes

Brown Female(5 entries)
1. 0185 J T Stables Decent type bird, on small side, darkish top colour small lobes- fit
2. 0184 A Brandi Not as fit as winner, foxy on wing bows
3. 0183 A. Brandi Split wings, again dark top colour, smaller in comb


Reserve Champ scottish nat

Best white bantam and reserve

D Wilkinson            

White males(6 Entries)
1. 1415 D Wilkinson Good type and good bodied well serrated comb good deep eye colour well furnished tail slight dishing of lobes, slightly over the top on condition
2. 1414 O Chalker/Son Decent type male, not body of winner, slightly mis serrated comb, good eye colour fit and clean.
3. 1411 B Macavley Reasonable type more of a pullet breeding male ,sappy thumb print in lob, over the top in condition

White hens (3)
1. 1417 D Agar Slightly on large side, good bodied bird, good type, good lobe, nice stance
2. 1419 A T Frame Good front, decent lobe , low tail carriage
3 . 1418 B Macauley Low tail carriage, very thin lobe, bird not displaying , ideal breeding potential

White pullet (22 Entries)
1. 1431 D Wilkinson (Best white bantam and reserve bantam)
2. 1437 R K Walkinshaw
3. 1428 O Chalker /Son

Black Hen(1Entry )
1. 1443 H Guthrie
Black pullet(20 Entries)
1. 1449 Waterworth/Woods (best black bantam and champion) Very nice pullet, excellent comb held exactly at the correct angle nice size and quality of lobe, good leg colour, fit easily my best bird and after due discussion with my co-judge she was awarded show champion of the show.

Ken Woods holding the Champion

2. 1450 O Chalker/Son Nice type pullet good comb and lob size and texture but displaying slight lobe lobe damage slightly over the top on condition
3. Waterworth/ Woods Nice type bird slightly smaller lobes a little on the large side

Brown female (4)
1. 1465 O Chalker/Son
2. 1464 J T Crowther
3. 1464 C McCrone
Blue female (2 Entries)
1. 1468 L Dixon Fit, reasonably even colour, good leg colour
2. 1469 J T Crowther Quite severely splashed, pale in legs slightly cock tailed

AOC Male(3 Entries
1. O Chalker/Son Good type yellow legs slightly dished lobes (silver duckwing)
2. C Brandi Creased wattles, thumb print in comb. square shanks (cuckoo)
3. F G Gillies White in face, thumbprint in comb not fit entered in wrong class (black male)

A.O.C Female (5Entries)
1. 1473 D Agar
2. 1474 O Chalker/Son
3. 1477 C Brandi

Novice Female (3Entries )
1. 1480 A T Frame Nice colour, fit good lobes small comb, yellow legs
2. 1481 JTStables Fit small lobes sappy in colour pale legs

Junior A C. Male (1Entry)
1. 482 C Brandi

Junior A. C. Female(1 Entrry
1. 1483 C Brandi
Members, it was certainty a great honour to be chosen to judge part of the Leghorn club show at my local town The market firm was my last employer before i retirement.
The quality of the leghorns overall was good and well presented, and in my option the whites both bantam and large were outstanding. Breeders are certainly doing a good job with there breeding program, so I hope they keep going. It was a pleasure working wit Dennis Ash doing the other part of the competition
Yours Fellow member Jim Finleyson M.B.E.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for entrusting their birds to me to judge at Lanark. I hope most of my decisions/remarks are deemed reasonable and i did not upset too many people in the process.
I thought most of the bantams i judged were of a decent standard and on the whole , well presented. The large fowl on the other hand with only a few exceptions where poor , many lacking size , type &with poor head points. I feel that there are many openings for dedicated fanciers to set too and breed& through lengthy stock selection , improve large leghorn quality throughout.
I was especially delighted both for Water worth&Woods partnership and for my selection of the champion, in there lovely black pullet, to be awarded reserve show champion. Finally i would like to take this opportunity to thank Derek Agar for nominating me for the role of vice president of the leghorn club. I will try to justify the members faith in myself and attempt to improve and promote the club whenever possible
Thanks again regards Dennis Ash


Scottish National Poultry Show, Lanark - 22/01/11-23/01/11

D J Watson with his Champion

Judge: Colin McCrone: I must thank the leghorn club for asking me to judge at the Scottish National Show 2011.
I chose the large black leghorn female as my champion bird and reserve champion was a white leghorn bantam cockerel of the club show.
Colin McCrone
PS: I would like to thank my more than capable steward John Hardie for doing the pen work!
Large Fowl – Leghorns

White Leghorn Female (5 entries)
1. Waterworth and Woods
2. Waterworth and Woods
3. D.J Watson
4. D.J Watson
AOC Leghorn Male (3 entries)
1. R.G Martin
2. D.S Elliot
Brown Leghorn Female (3 entries)
1. R Lennox
2. R. Lennox
3. R.W Baynes

nice type
pale comb
poor comb
AOC Leghorn Female (8 entries)
1. D.J. Watson (Best Large Leghorn and Best Leghorn)
2. R. Grice
3. D.J. Watson
4. P & J J Stubbs
Outstanding bird
nice colour
nice type
good leg colour
Bantam – Leghorns
White Male (9 entries)
1. B. MacAulay – Best bantam Leghorn and Best Opposite Size to Champion).
2. J. McLachlan
3. D.J Watson
4. J.T Crowther
good bird
much the same as the first
lacks sickle feathers
narrow on front - pale legs
White Hen (3 entries)
1. D.J Watson
2. B MacAulay

good bird
White Pullet (26 entries)
1. J. McLachlan
2. I.C. Mills
3. R.K . Walkinshaw
4. I.C. Mills
Black Male (3 entries)
1. O. Chalker and Son
2. I.C. Mills

Black Hen (2 entries)
1. J. Finlayson Jnr
2. J. Finlayson Jnr
Black Pullet (22 entries)
1. D.J Watson
2. D.J Watson
3. D. Wilkinson
4. D & C Ash
beautiful type show form
much same as winner
good type
dark in legs
Brown Male (2 entries)
1. O. Chalker and Son
2. D & C Ash

good type
white on lobes
Brown Female (9 entries)
1. N. Hutchinson
2. JT Crowther
3. JT Crowther
Blue Male (2 entries)
1. JT Crowther
2. J Finlayson Jnr
good type
much the same as first
Blue Female (6 entries)
1. JT Crowther
2. R Grice
3. R Grice
4. B MacAulay
nice type show form
much the same as winner
AOC Male (2 entries)
1. O Chalker & Son
2. C. Brandi
AOC Female (2 entries)
1. O. Chalker and Son
2. C. Brandi

Junior A.C Male (1 entry)
1. C. Brandi

Junior AC Female (2 entries)
2. JT Crowther
3. C Brandi

John Harrop sharing a moment with J.  McLachlan


The Scottish National 2010  Judges: Waterworth & Woods

White Male 3 entries
1  D J Watson
2  D J Watson
3  J Crawford

White Female 6 entries
1  D J Watson
2  D J Watson
3  D J Watson

A.O.C Male                         
1  R Grise  best large
2  F G Gillies
3  D T Thorne


Brown Males 1entry
1  J Crowford

A.O.C Female 5 entries 
1   P & J Stubbs
2   P & J Stubbs
3   FG Gillies


White Male 8 entries           
1  O Chalker & son
2  B Macauley
3  J Paul

White Hen   5 entries           
1  H Guthrie
2  B Macauley
3  J Finlayson M.B.E

White Pullet 28 entries        
1  D J Watson – Best Leghorn
2  I&C Mills
3  J T Crowther

Black Male 6 entries
1  I&C Mills- Res
2  I&CMills
3  O Chalker & son
Black Pullet 28 entries
1  H Guthrie
2  O Chalker & son
3  H Guthrie
Brown Male 2 entries
1  O Chalker & son
2  C&J Driver
Brown Female 5 entries
1  O Chalker & son
2  D Ash
3  C McCrone

Blue Female 3 entries
1  R Grice
 2  J & T Crowther
 3  J & T Crowther

A.O.C Male 2 entries
1  O Chalker
2  J Paul

A.O.C Female 3 entries
1  B Staveley  -    Best A.O.C
2  J Paul
3  W A Jones

A.C. Novice
1  C & J Driver

A.C Junior Male 2 entries       
1  C Paul
2  C Paul

A.C Junior Female 2 entries
1  J T Crowther
2  C Paul
3  C Paul


The Scottish National 2009  Judge: Andrew Kirkpatrick

White Male
                1-D J Watson

White Female-7
        1-R Grice - Best Large
                                     2-R Grice
                                     3-D J Watson

AOC Male-5               1-S D Elliot
                                     2-P JJ Stubbs
                                     3-G Heggie

Brown Female            1-A C Brandi

AOC Female-3           1-P JJ Stubbs

White Male-7             1-I &C Mills-Best Opposite Sex
                                     2-H Guthrie
                                     3-H Guthrie

White Hen-3               1-H Guthrie
                                     2-J T Crowther
                                     3-J Finlayson MBE

White Pullet-26          1-I & C Mills – Champion  Leghorn
                                     2-I &C Mills
                                     3-O Chalker  & Son

Black Male-4              1-I & C Mills
                                     2-I & C Mills
                                     3-I & C Mills

Black Hen                   1-J T Crowther

Black Pullet-13           1-B Staveley  -Reserve Champion  Leghorn
                                     2-H Guthrie
                                     3-O Chalker & Son

Brown Male-7            1-N Hutchinson
                                     2-O Chalker &Son
                                     3-N Hutchinson

Brown Female-5         1-D Ash – Best Brown
                                     2-O Chalker &Son
                                     3-D Ash

Blue Female-2            1-O Chalker & Son
                                     2-J T Crowther

AOC Female               1-A & C Brandi

AC Junior Male         1-C Brandi

AC  Junior Female     J T Crowther


The Scottish National 2008  Judge: Jim Crawford
Champion Leghorn:
Large White Leghorn Female: Waterworth & Woods
Reserve Champion Leghorn:
White Leghorn Bantam: Waterworth & Woods
Best Any Other Colour Leghorn Large: P & JJ Stubbs
Best Black Female Leghorn Bantam: Waterworth & Woods
Best Brown Female Leghorn Bantam: D Ash
Best Any Other Colour Leghorn: Waterworth & Woods with a Blue Female
Best Junior Leghorn: G Gillespie


The Scottish National 2006  Judge: Ian Mills
White male  1 R. Grice
White female 1 R. Grice  2 Waterworth & Woods  3 R. Grice
AOC male  1 S D Elliot  2 G Heggie  3 G Heggie  4 F G Gillies
AOC female 1 G Heggie  2  W&W  3  W&W  4F G Gillies
White male  1 O Chalker & Son  2  R Neil
White hen 1  H Guthrie  2 D Ash  3  J Finlayson  4  J Finlayson
White pullet 1  H Guthrie  2  O Chalker & Son  3  D Wilkinson  4  O Chalker & Son
Black male  1  A K Smith  2  J Finlayson & Son  3  R Grice  4  R Neil
Black hen  1  O Chalker & Son  2  H Guthrie
Black pullet  1  R Neil  2  H Guthrie  3  R Neil  4  P & J J Stubbs
Brown male 1  O Chalker & Son  2  N S Hutchinson  3  N S Hutchinson  4  R N Hoggarth
Brown female 1  O Chalker & Son  2  O Chalker &Son  3  R N Hoggarth  4 D Ash
Blue female 1  O Chalker & Son  2  R G Rice  3  C Mitchell
AOC male 1  F G Gillies
Club  Champion 
& Best in show
H Guthrie Bantam White Pullet
Best Opposite Size   R Grice Large White Pullet

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