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National Results 2015

Show Champion - Waterworth & Woods

Class 461- Large white M/F
1st- 1560: Ross Lennox
2nd-1556: Waterworth & Woods
3rd-1558:Waterworth & Woods
4th-1559:Ross Lennox
Class 463-Large Brown M/F
1st 1562:Morris family
Class 464- AOC Large Male
1st- 1565: R.Grice
2nd- 1566: R.Grice
Class 465 AOC Large Female

2nd-1569: R.Grice
3rd- 1573:P.Hallum
4th- 1570: P.Hallum
Class 468 White Bantam Male
1st-1576: I&C Mills
2nd-1580: I. Sissons
Class 469 White Bantam Female
2nd- 1591:Parker & Hickson
3rd-1595: I.Sissons
4th-1597:Waterworth & Woods
Class 470 Black Bantam  Male
1st-1605: I & C Mills BEST BLACK MALE
2nd-1604: J. Wheeler
Class 471 Black Bantam Female
1st- 1621:Parker & Hickson BEST BLACK BANTAM
2nd-1607: J.Crowther
3rd-1612: R.Grice
4th-1606: J.Crowther
Class 472 Brown Bantam Male
1st-1623: G.Mitchell BEST BROWN BANTAM
2nd- 1626:R.Gregory
4th- 1627: G.Mitchell
Class 473 Brown Bantam Female

1st- 1629: G.Mitchell
2nd-1628: P.Hallum
3rd- 1630: J. Wheeler
Class 475 Blue Bantam Female
1st-1633: Parker & Hickson BEST BLUE
2nd- 1632: J.Crowther
Class 476 AOC Bantam Male

2nd- 1635: P.Hallum
3rd- 1637: P.Hallum
4th-1634: P.Hallum
Class 477 AOC Bantam female
1st- 1640: P.Hallum
2nd-1641: F & C Hobden
3rd-1639: F & C Hobden
4th- 1642: F & C Hobden 

*            *            *

National Results 2014

Champion                                                             Reserve

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members for electing me to judge at the National show, which was held for the first  time  at the new venue of the Telford International Center.

     Large fowl numbers were reasonable in numbers, The winning bird was a white female from Waterworth/Woods well presented and on show form on the day

 Best A.O.C large was a brown  male- nice type but yellow on lobs.

Bantams - Big strong class in whites and blacks the white female belonging to I C Mills was the winner of the white class and also show champion . The second bird was also good not much between the two.

Some quality blacks on show winning the class and also reserve champ was S J Musson.

Browns- just two males, winner of the brown overall was  J.Crowther.Blues- some nice blues in the class best going toJ Crowther

A.O.C  Nice to see the different colours in this section. Exhibitors keep up the good work. Best going to J Crowther this young man appears to have had good birds no matter what the colours

white M/F
1. Waterworth/Woods
2. J Crowther
3. J Crowther

Brown M/F
1. J Butterworth 
2. J Butterworth
3.   PHallum

A.O.C Male

1. P Hallum

2. P Hallum

3. P Hallum




AOC Female
1. P Hallum
2.P Hallum

White M

1.IW Sissons
2.J M Harrop
3.R Lennox

White F
1.I C Mills
2. LD Parker/ Hickson
3. R Lennox

Black M
1. I C Mills
2. I C Mills
3.C Mills

Black F
1.S J Musson
2. J Crowther
3.J Crowther

Brown M

1.R J Gregory

2.O J Chalker/ son





Brown F

1. J Crowther

2.O J Chalker

3.C Moreton


Blue M/F
1.J Crowther
2. C Mills
3.J Crowther

1. P Hallum







A.O.C. M 
1.P Hallum
2.C Mitchell
3.K R Ashley

A.O.C  F 

1.J Crowther

2.P Hallum

3.P Hallum


AC Non standard
1.K R Ashley
2.P Hallum

Columbian                                               Crele


2013 Results

430 Large White M/F 1546 Lovely type, excellent leg colour, broken flight R. wing sadly. 1
  1548 Good type & weight, damaged tail & crease in wattle. 2
  1549 Good type, bent toes, yellow in hackle, tail not thru properly.  
  1554 Nice bird but lacks preparation, poorer leg colour. 4
  1555 Nice cockerel needs better leg colour and could be whiter. Tail feather missing. 3
431 Large black M/F 1556 Good size and type. White under colour lets him down. Could have better tail. White in tail and flights.  
432 Large brown M/F 1557 Lacking in size, damage to comb and wattles. Bent toes 3
  1559 Nice colour, lacking in type and substance. Watch red on wings. 1
  1560 Good colour again. White in flights. Broken tail and poor comb. 2
433 AOC M 1561 Exchequer- damage to tail and poor preparation. Tending toward squirrel tail. 1
  1562 Lavender- lacking in type generally. Poor. 2
434 AOC F LARGE 1563 Nice type. Fails in leg colour, double folded comb and white in face. 2
  1564 Cuckoo- nicely presented and good condition could be bigger. Comb too large and double fold. 1
  1565 Nice markings but needs to be bigger. Double folded comb and pale legs. 3
  1566 Good size but feather damage and poor presentation. Fish tailed spike in comb. Lice+  
  1567 Small but clean. Tail carriage high mottled legs and comb too small. 4
437 BANTAM WHITE M 1568 Nice tidy bird. Fit and well prepared. Minor damage to comb and lobe. Good leg colour. Dirty right wing sadly 2
  1569 Lovely bird. Some dirt on flights. Minor lobe damage. 1
  1570 Lacking tail. Creased wattles. Comb not upright. 3
  1573 Poor head and tail. Good leg colour. 4
  1574 Lacks type. Better head than 1573. 4
  1576 Lacking maturity. Needs better comb and leg colour.  
438 White Bantam F 1579 Nice type. V. good leg colour. Tending to be grey across back. Comb nearly double fold.  
  1580 Good leg colour and general type. Comb could fall better. 3
  1581 Good type and colour. Minor ear lobe damage and stain on left wing. 2
  1582 Large! Legs could be better prepared. Comb rather upright.  
  1583 Nice bird. Lacing in comb and wattle.  
  1585 Nice type bird but lacing in comb.  
  1586 Good type but let down  by poor separations on comb and tail damage.  
  1587 Lacking in leg colour. Comb excessive and lacking separations.  
  1589 Very floppy comb. Lacking structure and obscuring vision.  
  1590 Good colour and type. Tidy head. 1
  1591 Tail and rangy. Lacking leg colour and head. Needs some training.  
  1592 Good type and colour. Comb turns up at back and right wattle damaged. 4
  1593 Well presented. Minor lobe and come damage.  
  1594 Let down by head gear.  
  1595 Let down by head gear.  
439 Black Bantam M 1596 Very nice bird. Lovely condition and colour. Shame ear lobes not better. 1
  1597 Nice type. Undercolour tending towards white at tail base and white tail feather. Beaten by better bird 2
440 Black Bantam 1599 Nice type and well presented. Minor white tips to flights and mottling on legs. Excessive comb.  
  1600 Nicely preserved. Double folded comb and creased wattle. Some pigment on toes.  
  1601 Lovely type and colour. Good legs and comb. Nice bird. White tips in wing, 1
  1602 Older bird. Poor leg colour and double folded comb.  
  1604 Poor head and main tail feather excessive and curling. Damage to right flights.  
  1605 Good type.  Damage to wing feathers right wing. Comb too large  
  1606 Lacking some size. Nice tidy. Good under colour. 3
  1607 Wattle damage. Comb floppy. Some minor. Tail damage.  
  1609 Poor comb. Otherwise ok.  
  1610 Nice type. Let down by pale legs and comb damage.  
  1611 Nice bird. Well presented. Good sized head. Very good leg colour. Lobes a little yellow.  
  1612 Nice type but lacking in size. Overdone maize- comb, wattles and lobes have yellow tinge.  
  1613 Tail damage, red/purple in lobes. Poor lobes.  
  1614 Older bird. Nice type but pale legs and overdone comb.  
  1615 Tail damage. White in flights. Swollen toe.  
  1616 Nice type and head. Could have better leg colour. 4
  1617 Nice bird. Shame legs not cleaner. 2
441 Brown Bantam M 1619 Lovely type. Some minor feather damage. 1
  1621 Lacking in type a little. Comb lets him down. Could do with cleaner legs 2
  1623 Legs little pale. White in tail and light under colour. 3
442 Brown Bantam F 1625 Lovely colour and type. Comb a little over and some minor lobe damage. 1
  1626 Nice colour and type comb needs a little more time. Legs less smutty 2



National Show Report
An honour to judge the Leghorn Club Show at the National, as it was 1996 when I last judged and put up John Hewson’s White Pullet that went on to be National Show Champion.
This time, the standard was good, especially the Large Whites, which was a strong class, but a couple were spoilt by black flecking and these were really good type birds, likely to be challenging for 1st and 2nd place. Pity.

Browns were a strong class, but stood out for size and type and were let down in final finish – ie legs, but still a good class.
AOC: what a pleasant change to see Gold and Silver Duckwings, Columbians, Lavenders, Cuckoo, Blue Reds and Buffs all of a good standard. The Gold male looked the winner through the wires, but just lacked front and the colour on the wings could have been brighter. The Silver had very good type, colour and size just edged for first. The Columbian had good size, colour and type but wasn’t quite there in feather. The Cuckoo female had type, colour and was fit with a lovely head. Best Large. All the others were not in the same league as this.
White males: a good class with the feather quality in the tails and back. Vastly improved across the class and not full of straight combed pullet breeders. The winners had type, width of feather and were smaller. Some were left out for being too big and coarse. Just watch sappiness as some are getting good yellow legs through feed not breeding, which creates yellowing in the feathers and lobes.
White Pullets: a hard class to judge as nothing was at 12 o’clock. Some good younger pullets had not developed the head gear or the feathering yet. Two pullets that had everything that I was looking for had been washed in something pale blue and were spoiled – very unlucky. I hope everyone learned from that.
Black Male: lovely example of a Leghorn Cockerel – good depth of colour and correct sheen, just a little strong. Reserve Champion. 2nd lost a little on everything.
Black Pullets: best class to judge. Some really good birds in here. Some on the big side – this makes them a little coarse and unbalanced in body to head size. The 1,2 and 3 were very close. 2nd was a little long in tail but unlucky. 1st I liked all day – small, fit well put down and just felt right to be Champion Leghorn. Well Done James. We had better look out as the next generation is starting to pick up speed.
Brown males: 1st was an easy winner. The rest need to watch type and head faults – especially the comb and white in face.
Brown females: good class. The winner had it on colour – oak leaf. Unfortunately quite a few were wet oak leaves. But type and heads in browns getting better.
Blues: OK class. Type wins, but in colour no two were the same.
AOC male: What a class of males! Unfortunately, most were not up in feather but for colour variety it was the best I have seen. For type, heads and size very good. Hopefully, this will encourage more to take them up, because, like the large, it made for a very good show of leghorns.
AOC females: As good. One very confusing – cock-breeding Gold Duckwing pullet that could have been embarrassing to the judge – it was shown as a bright coloured brown in hackle, but should have been ash grey in the neck. Anyway – no harm done.
The atmosphere around the Leghorn Club at this point in history is a joy to be a part of. It has to be the best social club on the circuit. I was proud to judge it and to contribute to the club, because without the club judge there is no club and no showing, accept their decisions, have a laugh around the pens and make it a very good weekend.
Thanks for the privilege,
Ian Sissons


Large Fowl:

White Male: 1. Waterworth & Woods; 2. R Lennox; 3. R Grice; 4. P Stadden
Black Male/Female:
1. Winston & Thomas
Brown Male/Female:
1. Winston & Thomas; 2. P Hallum; 3. Winston & Thomas; 4. P Hallum
AOC Male:
1.& 2.& 3. P Hallum; 4. I Mears
AOC Female:
1. R Grice; 2. I Mears; 3.& 4. Winston & Thomas


White Male: 1. Parker & Hickson; 2.& 3. S Musson; 4. Chalker & Son
    Reserve Champion

White Female:
1. Waterworth & Woods; 2. R Grice; 3. W Johnson; 4. D Wilkinson

Black Male:
1. Parker & Hickson; 2. Chalker & Son

Black Female:
1. J Crowther; 2. W Johnson; 3. Parker & Hickson; 4. R Grice

Brown Male:
1. Chalker & Son; 2. G Mitchell; 3. P Hallum
Brown Female:
1. K Ashley; 2. Chalker & Son; 3. G Mitchell; 4. K Ashley

Blue Female:
1. R Grice; 2. Chalker & Son; 3. J Crowther; 4. P Tucker
AOC Male:
1. P Hallum; 2. K Ashley; 3. & 4. P Hallum
AOC Female:
1. P Tucker, 2. P Hallum
Non-Standard M/F:
1. P Tucker; 2. Chalker & Son


Judges C. Gardener & P Stadden
I was delighted to be asked to judge the Leghorns at the National alone with Craig Gardener. I enjoyed judging some good class. White bantam pullet was a good one. some birds were unlucky not to be in the cards and some looked better late in the day
White m/f(12)
Best Large
2.R Grice
3.R Lennox
Black M/F(7)
1. I Mears
2 A. Bergmanski
3.A Bergmanski

Fit small lobes
Double fold in comb good head
Pale eye also double fold in comb
Brown m/f (7)
1.I W Sissons
2.J M Barnett
3.I W.S.issons

White flight good eye and fit
Pale square legs, white in face and in wings
good colour but with white in wing
A.O.C, Male(4)
1 Winson& Thomas
A.OC. Female(6)
2.R Grice
3.A Bergmanski

Squirrel tail dark in face
Good size, twisted lobe bent toes
No lobes different shade of buff
A.O.C. None std female
1 I Mears
2. S Jones
1. Parker &Hickson
(Champion & best light bred)
2. J Hurst  
3. D Wilkinson  
1. J Hirst
2. J Hirst
3.D Wilkinson

Fit bird very nice
Yellow wing feather
Pale legs creased comb
1. J Hirst
2. JHirst
3. I Sissons

Scabby comb going white in face
Scabby comb white in flight good hed
Rough lobs white in face ,uneven

(Reserve champion)
2. O Chalker&Son
3. Parker&Hickson
1. G Mitchell
2. G Mitchell
1. G Mitchell
2. J T Crowther
3. J T Crowther

Nice soft brown good bird
Square legs
Long body big fishtail spike
1. SJMusson
1. J T Crowther  
2. JT Crowther  
2. J T Crowther
3. S J Mussons
1.O Chalker&Son

White flights
1. O Chalker@son


Club Show at Stoneleigh 2010
Judges. Len Parker; Bill Johnson
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members for electing Bill and my self to judge the National Show for 2010
What a brilliant venue, there was a real buzz, it felt like the old times . The lighting was very good and the temperature was perfect

Congratulations must go to Ian and Chris Mills for winning both white and black classes, Club show champion was there white bantam male and reserve was there black bantam male. to my knowledge I have never known anyone to win both black and white classes.
Well done Ian Sissons on winning best opposite size to the champion with a good Large brown. Richard Grice won the (FA cup) for best Large A.O.C. Cuckoo male, Best A.O.C Standard bantam was won by Oliver and John Chalker with a silver duckwing male. Best novice was S. Dewhurst with a white bantam pullet good try. The large Whites and Blacks were not as good as other years, the other classes were good on the whole. Egg classes were poor. and finally Bill and myself would like to thank our stewards David Hickson and Val Moss.

Large Whites  M/F                                                                    

1 Winston + Thomas
2     -----------
3     ------------                      
Fair all very similar
Large Black M/F
1 Winston+Thomas
2 A S Bergmaski
3 P P Stadden
4 R J Thomas

Best bodied bird
Close to winner
Tail a bit upright
Dark legs
Large Browns M/F
1 I W Sissons (m)
2 I ER Mears (m)
3 Winstone +Thomas(m)
4I W Sissons (f)

Good all round winner
Nice just showing a bit of white in face
Failed with to much rust on wing


Large A.O.C. (m)
1 R. Grice
2 I E Mears 
3 P C Morley
4 I E R Mears

Very good body (cuckoo)
Nicely marked (exchequer)
Not as good as the first two in type (blue)
Large A.O.C. (F)
1 A.S Bergmanski
2 R Grice
3A. S Bergmanski
4 -----------------

Good all round bird (cuckoo)
Good all round failed to win on comb
Good type poor wing (exchequer)
Very nice bird needed more size (silver duckwing)
Large A.O.C. Non-Standard
1 I Mears

White males
1 I+C Mills
2 IW Sissons 
4J M Harrop

Very good cockerel (club show champion)
Nice bird   odd lobe
White Female
1 I+C Mills
4D Wilkinson

Lovely pullet well presented
Very close to winner
Close to second
Nearly as good as the first but failed in tail
Black Males
1 I+C Mills
2 Chalker+Son
3 I+C Mills
4 DP Tucker

Good sound fit bird good under colour (res; champion)
Unlucky to meet winner good under colour
Another nice cockerel not as good as first two
Fair white in tail  
Black Females
1 I+C Mills
3 D Wilkinson

Good neat all round pullet
Not as good under colour as first
Nice pullet short of serrations
Good pullet not at her best yet
Brown Males
1 Chalker+Son
2 J T Crowther+Son
3 N Hutchinson
4 L Bray

Easy class winner
Nice bird not as good in colour as first
Another nice bird know where at its best
Fair not as good in feather as first three
Brown Females
1 J T Crowther
3 Chalker+son
4 C Moreton

Very good bird good in colour
Very similar to first 
Not at her best yet but very nice
Very nice type colour to light
Blue Female
1 R Grice
2J T Crowther

Fair, too many black flecks in feather     
Very similar to first
A.O.C Standard Male
1 Chalker +Son
Outstanding silver duckwing was very close to reserve champion could have done with more competition.  


Another great win for the I & C Mills team securing Club Show Champion and going to win Best Soft Feather and Light Breed.

(Well done guys!)

Club Champion Best Light Breed Best Soft Feather Bantam

Reserve Club Champion
Black Pullet

Thank you for inviting me to Judge the Leghorn Club Show at the National Poultry Show at Stoneleigh 28/29 November 2009
My Show Champion was a beautiful White Bantam Pullet shown by I & C Mills magnificently presented - also went on to be made Best Light Breed Bantam.
My Reserve Champion was the Black Bantam Pullet well shown by Richard Grice.
Best large Fowl Cuckoo Pullet - good size and type fit shown by Richard Grice.
                                                                                                                                 Judge: L Blanchon


White Male (7)
1 Waterworth & Woods
2 J Harrop
3 I Sissons

White Female (19)
1 I & C Mills
2 W & W
3 I & C Mills

Black Male (6)
1 L Parker

2 I & C Mills
3 I& C Mills

Black Female (11)
1 R Grice
2 O Chalker & Son
3 R Grice

Brown Male
1 O Chalker & Son
2 N Hutchinson
3 G Mitchell

Brown Female
1 O Chalker  & Son
2 G Mitchell

Blue Female
1 J T Crowther
2 J T Crowther
3 S R Jones

A O C Standard Male
1 I Sissons
2 I Sissons

A O C Standard Female

1 S R Jones
2 I Sissons
3 I Mears

Judges Comments:

Easy winner in the class. Real nice bird, good tail finishing.
Good type could have been whiter
Nice type could have been whiter

Beautiful pullet stood well ahead in this strong class (Show Champion)
Good type not quality of show winner
Well shown a little short in leg for me

Only one winner in this class real nice bird black through out nice to see a good black cockerel again.
Nice bird white under colour
Again white under colour

Good type very fit good top colour
Another nice pullet just failing in top colour
Good type little short on leg

A very poor class all birds had white in wing and body
nice marked pullet not fit (best brown)
Poor colour not fit

Good type fit nice even blue
Fit bird darker blue than the winner
Not fit poor colour




Only two and both buffs


Columbian pullet fair colour fit
Buff nice colour
Exchequer not fit

Foot Note---
Many birds were spoiled by poor presentation. When you have bred and reared your birds and then entered them at shows, just to fail at the last moment by not presenting them at their best by washing and cleaning their legs and feet.


White Male or Female (7)
1 M J Winson
2 R Grice
3 R Grice

Black Male or Female (6)
1 R G Thomas
2 R Grice
3 M J Winson

Brown Male or Female (4)
1 P Johnston
2 P Johnston
3 I Mears

 A O C Standard Male
1 D T Thorne
2 D T Thorne
3 I Mears

A O C Standard Female (6)
1 R Grice
2 M J Winson
3 D T Thorne

Non-Standard (1)
1 I Mears
2 I Mears

1 I Mears
2 I Mears
3 I Mears

Judges Comments:

Nice Cockerel. Good big bird. Little sappy
Young pullet, needs time to mature.
Another cockerel - young bird - sappy

Good type older bird
Young pullet, needs time to mature.
Young cockerel - too much white in body.

Good colour, nice large cockerel
Pullet not fit
Again needs time to develop

Blue, nice bird
Nice bird not so fit as winner
White in tail, not fit

Cuckoo nice type and fit
Blue pullet big bird nice shade of blue
Exchequer nice bird

Blue red male small bird



 The National  29 & 30 November 2008:
I would like to thank the Club for asking me to judge. I trust I did you all justice and it was good to see a nice array of different coloured birds.
Keep up the good work!
Richard Grice




White M/F (8)    


Griffin & Gifford

Large white Pullet, my choice for Champion Leghorn, Very fit, excelled in type. Very well shown - congratulations


Winston & Thomas

The cockerels placed behind the female were not the quality of the pullet.


J & J J Stubbs



D P Tucker





Black M/F (8)




I E R Mears

Pullet, nice type, good colour but lacking head.


S Griffiths

Pullet – good type, excelled in head but black legs with white in wing.

3rd & 4th

S Griffiths

Similar to brd placed 2nd but with black legs and white in wing




Brown M/F (8)




I Mears

Cock, nice bird, bit dark


Winston & Thomas

Pullet, nice bird but a bit small


P M Hallum

Pullet, good type but poor colour


P M Hallum

Cockerel, good type, good colour but white in wing and a squirrel tail




A.O.C Male (7)




P & J J Stubbs

Cuckoo cockerel, excellent bird, bit of white in tail and wings


P W Parfitt & Sons

Exchequer cockerel, nice bird, best coloured exchequer seen for some years


I Mears

Pile cockerel, very nice bird, good try at a difficult colour.


P Hallum

Duckwing cock, good colour but a bit on the small side




A.O.C Female (5)




I Mears

Pile female, good colour but a bit small


I Mears

Red mottled, nice bird


Winston & Thomas

Blue, excellent colour but lacking type




N Standard Male (1)




I Mears

Blue red, nice colour but lacking type and size




N Standard Female (1)




I Mears

Blue red female, similar to cock






AOCs – nice to see such a good show of colours







White Male (4)




P Stadden

Good type and head, just over the top


I & C Mills

Good white cock, well shown but bit short in back and furnishings


I Sissons

Nice bird, short of jail, bit sappy


J Harrop

My type of bird, but lobe and comb weathered




White Female (12)




I & C Mills

Good pullet, just lacking condition


D Wilkinson

Excellent pullet,could have been winner but slight dent in breast bone


J Harrop

Another good bird from this well established breeder, best type but lacking head


J T Crowther

Nice bird




Black Male (2)



1st and 2nd

I & C Mills

2 excellent cockerels, good type and head just lacking condition




Black Female (9)




I W Sissons

Nice pullet, good type, my choice for Reserve Champion


I W Sissons

Similar to 1st, but not quite the quality


P & J J Stubbs

Nice bird, bit on the big side


J T Crowther

Good type but poor colour




Brown Male (2)




R J Gregory

Nice bird bit dark


N Hutchinson

Good colour, white in wing and bit over the top




Brown Female (1)




L Bray

Pullet, over the top, nice colour




Blue Male (2)




I W Sissons

Nice bird, good colour


J T Crowther

Excellent type, poor colour bit brassy in back




Blue Female (4)




I Sissons

Nice type, good bird


J T Crowther

Best pullet, spoiled by broken wing flights


P Stadden



P Hallum





A.O.C Male (2)




I W Sissons

Buff, very good colour but lacking head


P Hallum

Pile – poor colour




A.O.C Female (2)




P Tucker

Both birds in this class cuckoos and very nice birds


P Hallum






The National  1 & 2 December 2007:
Judges D. Picton-Jones & W. Johnson
Description # in
Results (in order 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th)
Large Fowl
White M/F 7 1 R Grice  2 R Grice  3 Griffin &Gifford
Black M/F 3 1 I Mears  2 Winson & Thomas  3  W&T
Brown M/F 3 1 W&T  2 W&T  3  S Gould
AOC M 7 1 I Mears  2 D T Thorne  3 W&T
AOC F 6 1 W&T  2 I Mears  3 W&T
White M 6 1  I Mills  2  D W Wilkinson  3 D W W
White F 13 1  D W Wilkinson  2 D W W  3  I Mills
Black  M 3 1  I Mills  2  I Mills
Black F 7 1  R Grice  2  D W Wilkinson  3  R Grice
Brown M 3 1  N Hutchinson  2  N Hutchinson
Blue M 2 1  S Jones  2  D T Thorne
Blue F 3 1  S Jones  2  D T Thorne
AOC M 3 1  S Jones  2  P Tucker
Champion Leghorn White Bantam Male
Reserve Champion Black Bantam Female
Best Large White Female

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