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Federation Results 2015

Champion - Black Bantam Female : Parker Hickson

- Large/Bantam trios - No entries
Class 686, Large Black M/F ( 6 entries, 5 forward)
1) A Bergmanski- Good type and colour, slight black flecking in legs.

2) A Bergmanski- Nice Bird, not quite body of winner, extra spike on comb
3) DJ Watson- Decent body, Lacked depth of comb
4) A Bergmanski- Slight dishing in lobes
Class 688, AOC Male (Large) 6 entries, 3 forward
1) R.Grice- Pyle, Nice quality bird throughout, good comb, quality lobes, good type. Disregarded partially broken sickle. After in depth discussion with fellow judge ( I Sissons) made him best large and reserve best leghorn
2) P.Hallum- Exchequer, Decent type, quite fit, bit too dark on top
3) P.Hallum- Columbian, Decent type , poor serrations on comb
Class 690, Leghorn breeding pair (Large/Bantam) 2 entries one forward
1) J.Harrop- white bantams, pullet slightly sappy, cockerel good type yellow in lobes
Class 691, Non-standard M/F Large ( no entries)
Class 693, White Bantam Female ( 32 entries 25 forward)
1) W. Hesketh- Lovely bird, my type of leghorn. Good head, showing just the correct amount of thigh, excellent tail angle, clean throughout, good eye and nice round legs. Good lobe quality went close for high honours.
2) Parker & Hickson- Again very nice bird, slightly pale in leg , good colour throughout and well prepared
3) C.Mills- Nice bird throughout, very fit, excellent leg colour , a few tiny black flecks evident in places on back
4) Parker & Hickson - Also a nice bird, slightly lacking front, well prepared decent leg colour
Class 695, Black Bantam Male ( 6 entries, 4 forward)
1) I. Mills- Very nice bird indeed, just the right size, very fresh and fit, perfect colouration, black right to the skin- just lacked a tiny bit of height at front of comb, stood well in the pen

2) G & N Thornton- Again a nice bird, good colour throughout, nice comb and eye colour- slight
crease in left lobe
3)D J Watson- White in tail, light  under colour, decent type, on large side
4) J. Wheeler- White under colour, dished R/H lobe , wing carriage too low
Class 698, Brown Bantam Male ( 5 entries, 4 forward)
1) G. Norbury- Nice type and colour throughout, good head points, good reach. Following in depth discussion with fellow judge decided on this bird for best brown

2) R & A Gregory-Not quite as good as winner, good head points. Decent colour throughout
3) W.J Charnock- Not type of first two, slight brown flecking on breast
4) J.Wheeler- Rather low to ground for a cockerel, Flyaway comb at back, crease in RHS lobe
Class 700, Blue Bantam M/F ( 5 entries, 3 forward)
1) Parker & Hickson- (female) Nice bird, very fresh, quite nice head, couple of prominent dark feathers on back

2) S. Musson- (female) Decent colour and type . spoiled by damage to top of comb
3) P. Hallum- ( female) Slightly large, crease to RHS lobe and dark
Class 702, AOC Bantam female (9 entries, 6 forward)
1) W. Charnock- Lavender,nice bird, good type, size and even colouring throughout. Good eye colour and nice lift
2) K.R Ashley- Cuckoo, fit, decent type, good markings throughout
3) P.Hallum- Silver Duckwing, Decent type and colour, thin lobes, smallish wattles
4) K.R Ashley- Columbian, very clean and well presented, small head points
Some very nice leghorns on display, White bantam pullets were testing to judge as some were over the top whilst others were too immature. Many were lacking in show preparation and many had dished or small lobes and head points.
Black bantam pullets were a very good lot although I did not judge them I handled several.
I think we need to encourage more people to concentrate on large leghorns in the standard colours as size and quantity are diminishing.
Otherwise I think the club appears to be going from strength to strength. Finally I would like to thank my two stewards for keeping me on the right track namely Mick Straughan who expertly sketched out my judging report in brief as I was judging and my long term friend and travelling companion, Dave Jarman who patiently kept me "on the right track", completed my paperwork and judging cards so efficiently as usual.
Here's hoping I did not upset too many fanciers with my deliberations and wishing all Leghorn club members a fantastic breeding and showing year in 2016 and beyond
Regards Dennis Ash


Federation Results 2014

Champion                                                              Reserve

I wish to say how much i enjoyed judging the Fed; I have done the Nat twice and always wanted to do the Fed. I Hope I did a good job, everyone seemed happy, had no complaints from anyone.

Large  Black M/F  2 black females average birds one had white in wings. the other had a sprig on comb lacked proportion

Large     Colours again average birds better proportion.

Large White  M/F
1.Waterworth/woods -   Wonderful white female, good comb and  lobes BEST LARGR AND BEST OPP SEX
2.D,A, Thomas - white male good size comb
3.J. T. Crowther- White female,quite nice comb

1. J Butterworth-  a nice large male and good colour
2. D A Thomas -  Both females good type
3. D A Thomas     -----------------------------

A.O.C     F
1.J Butterworth- good colour type and colour
2. Parfitt            --------------------------------------



Black M.
1.  A real black,   black throughout not a bit of white any where. Could have been better in lobe *(creamy) but a credit to I Mills
2. Close to the winner nearly as good
3. Not as good as the first two but all good blacks.

Black F,
30 In   best class i have ever seen.

1.H Guthrie
2.Waterworth  /woods   All just a matter of choice between the three all in excellent type and colour
3.I Mills

White Bantam M.
1.H Guthrie-            Both good type in colour and comb
2.O Chalker and Son -------------------------------------
3.J Harrop- a bit low on leg

White F.
1.C Mills  30m in the class, a lotto judge. I got them down to six birds then I had to pick my best four the winner stood out from the moment i took it from the pen, it was always my winner, I congratulated C Mills for the preparation, it was snow white what i call a Leghorn correct weight well balanced, comb just big enough, lobsa good legs good and fit.


3 Second an third  both good birds in every way could have won on an other day.


 Brown F.

1. G.P.Norbury- lovely soft colour good in type

2. Moreton-not quite as good in colour

3. J Crowther-   -----------------------------------



Cuckoo. F

2. Two nice birds winner very good better in the wing than the second but both well marked clean and prepared





Blues F
four in class  two good blues.

1st 2nd little in them to choose. the winner better blue and less laced than the second was a little heavy less food  needed

3rd still a very good blue 



Non standard M/F  

  All different colours in class

 Eggs --all eggs were of good colour and shape

I wish to to also say Waterworth- Woods Large white female a worthy reserve
So my choice went to I Mills black cock and best leghorn
                                                                                                                    Good winners  


I'd like to thank you all for asking me to judge the Federation Show and it was an honour and a privilege
There was a wonderful entry in most classes with the exceptional entry in the black  females   the best I have ever seen.
I would like to thank my steward for the day (I'm hopeless at remembering names) and also Mr W Johnson Who was judging the other classes
       Many thanks again, and good luck to all in the breeding season
                                                                                                                              Best Wishes D,E.Picton Jones MBE  FRAqs 

*    *    *


Judges Mr O. and J Chalker

First of all I would like to thank all the members who voted for me to judge with my farther at the 2012 federation show.
The winner a white cockerel was credit to its owner Graham Thornton, as a good cockerelís like this donít come along very often. It was also nice to see that the bird went on to be reserve champion of the show. Again a good advert for the leghorn club.
Most of the classes I judged were well represented with several nice birds in every class. The large fowl need a few more exhibitors to try and boost the numbers back up. The bantams had some very good classes and there is a definite improvement in the white bantam cockerels both in quality and quantity.
Best regards
John Chalker.

White M/F
1. R Grice : Nice white pullet in good condition , lacked little bit of size
2. Waterworth & Woods : Best type/sized bird but was very pale in head and not in full show condition
3. R Grice : Not as good as first two birds

Brown M/F
1. J Butterworth : Nice sized bird, good head-dark in colour
2. D.A. Thomas : Very similar to winning bird- dark in colour
3. P. Hallum : Bit smaller than other two birds -dark in colour

A.O.C  Female
1. R. Grice : Very nice cuckoo coloured bird good size, head and lobs in excellent condition , Best opp sex
2. R. Grice : Cuckoo -not as good as winning bird
3. D.A. Thomas : Cuckoo - lacked size

White male.
1. G.I. Thornton : Really nice bird- good colour-type and excellent head features, went on to be best leghorn and reserve show champion
2. R. Grice : A little bit big for me, very strong upright comb, came across a really god winning bird.
3. J. Hurst : Not as good as first two birds but still a good effort.

Black female
1. Waterworth & Woods : There was not much to choose between the 1`s two pullet in this class.
Both were in good condition, After a long deliberation I chose this one as it just handled better in the hand and cage, Reserve champion
2. D Agar : Very nice pullet
3. J Hurst : A little bit off the first 2 in the class very good colour.

Brown female
1. J T Crowther : Excellent pullet, nice type colour had a few nibbled tail feathers
2. K R Ashley : Nice pullet not quite the colour and condition as the winner
3. D Ash : Nice colour bit short on comb and condition

Columbian M/F
1. P Hallum : Nice headed cockerel -little short on colour
2. S R Jones : Not as good as winner
3. P Hallum ; Pullet -short on marking

A.O.C. Male
1. W J Charnock : Nice buff cockerel, good effort on a difficult colour
2. P Hallum : Not as good as winner
3. W J Charnock : not as good as first two birds in class

A.O.C. Female
1. L Dixon : exchequer good effort

Mr O Chalker
It is always a pleasure to judge the Federation show but to share the classes with your son is an added bonus, It was once again a well purported show with the whites and black classes having very good numbers. The quality of the birds all round especially with awful wet weather to contend with it was good to see a white leghorn cockerel get reserve show champion again at atop show.

Good Luck for 2013
Oliver Chalker

Large Fowl
Black M/F
1. A. Bergmaski : the best of the three
2. A. Bergmaski : poor head and colour
3. A. Bergmaski : not a show bird really

A.O.C. Male
1. G Norbury
2. S R Jones
3. A Bergmanski

Breeding prs
1. A Bergmanski : nice pr of breeding blacks (large)
2. R. Grice : Breeding pr of black bantams

White female
1. J McLachlan : Good type -very fit on the day
2. D J Watson : Good type would not show its self
3. W Johnson : Nicebird- good yellow legs -very fit

Black male
1. Parker & Hickson : Sound in colour not the best of heads
2. J Hurst : Not as sound in colour as first
3. Parker & Hickson : Similar to winner but not in the under colour

Brown male
1. W J Charnock
2.  W Hesketh
3. R. Gregory

Blue female
1. L Dixon : Lavender-good shape/colour and yellow legs
2. J T Crowther : Nice blue no chance against the Lavender
3. Waterworth & Woods : Too many variations in blue

Gold/silver duckwing
1. P Hallum : A very good example of the breed

*     *     *


50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

Smiles all round from our two judges and steward job done

At last !!! I'm enclosing the report for the Federation show2011 Picton and I thoroughly enjoyed the judging and all went well hope you find the report ok and a happy new year to you all
Regards Picton & Helena

I would like to thank all the members for inviting me to judge at your club show. It was my eighth time to judge the club shows and I was very privileged to do so. The quality of the white pullets was the best I have ever seen with 38 entries in the class all were and well presented. The champion was between a white and black pullet with the white being g the champion and a worthy winner belonging to O &J Chalker. I have seen better large, the champion large was a black pullet. The black bantam male was quite sound in colour. In the brown male there were two that stood out in type and colour. The blues and the duckwings were poor in number, same story about the non. standard .My co judge Mr Neil Penny from Australia and myself got on well and I think I might have taught him some Welsh by the end of the day . Congratulations to Messrs O &J Chalker who had a good show and to all other members who did well .I wish you all a good breeding season and I don't think the whit pullets could ever be any better than this year
Good Wishes Picton

Our judges Picton Jones and our judge from down-under Neil Penny 
cutting the anniversary cake
No Neil its not for you?  sorry guys you have share it  
Large Fowl
WHITE MALE & FEMALE (no of birds 10)
1 DJ Watson
2 D J Watson
3 JT Crowther
1 A Bergmanski (best large)
2 P Woodward
3 P Woodward
1 I W Sissons
2 I W Sissons
3 S Elliott
A. O.C. MALE (4)
1 K R Ashley
2 S Jones
1 R Grise

1 S R Jones

1 J Hirst
2 Parker&Hickson
3 S Musson


Photo courtesy of Ian Wileman

1 O Chalker&Son (show champ)
2 Waterworth&Woods
3 J Hirst


Photo courtesy of Ian Wileman

1 J Hirst
2 J Hirst
3 I W Sissons


Photo courtesy of Ian Wileman

1 O Chalker & Son (reserve champ)
2 Parker & Hickson
3WaterWorth & Woods


Photo courtesy of Ian Wileman

1 K R Ashley
2 W J Charock
3 G P Norbury


Photo courtesy of Ian Wileman

1 K R Ashley
2 K R Ashley
3 WJ Charnock


Photo courtesy of Ian Wileman

1 J T Crowther
2 JT Crowther
1 K R Ashley


Photo courtesy of Ian Wileman

Neil and Richard exchanging views


Large Bantams
Whites M/F

1 D J Watson
2 R Grice

White Male

1 I+C Mills (Champion+ soft feather Champion)
3 O Chalker

  White Female

1 I+C Mills (Reserve champ)
3 J Mcalchlen

1 D J Watson
2 P J Stubbs
3 P Woodward


Black Male
1 O Chalker
2 I+C Mills
3 I+C Mills

Black Female
1 I+C Mills
2 O Chalker
3. D J Watson
1 I Sissons
2J Butterworth
3 S Elliott
Brown Male
1 O Chalker

Brown female
1 K R Ashley
2 J Crowther
3 J Crowther

  Blue Male
1 J Crowther
2 J Crowther
  Blue Female

1 J Crowther
2 O Chalker
3 R Grise

A.O.C Male
1 I Mears
2 R Grice

A.O.C Female
1 R Grice
2 I Mears
3 P Marley

Breeding prs;
1 R Grice
2 I Mears
G/S Duckwing Male
1 K R Ashley
2 O Chalker

G/S Duckwing Female
1 K R Ashley

1 K R Ashley
2 K R Ashley


2009 Federation results . Judges Mr O Chalker & Mr J Chalker
It gave me great pleasure, along with my son John, to be given the chance to judge the club show at Stafford in December 2009.
I hope we satisfied everyone with our results. The quality&quantity of birds was a sight worth seeing. Nice to see so many membership long-distance large birds again, especially with all that snow around, I was pleased that a black pullet managed to be best leghorn bantam. Its nice to see  black bantams appearing in large numbers again.         Thanks to all the members Oliver.

Large fowl .White M/F  9 entries
1  D Watson.     A good sized well shown pullet. ,best I have seen for some time
2  D Watson.    Same stable as winner not as good in head but very close and well shown
3  R Grice.       Another good type pullet not as good  in  headgear

Blacks M/F   11 entries
1  P Woodward,   Good size and colour better legs might have taken it further
2  P Woodward.   Similar to 1st not quit body.
3  P Hallum.    Decent head +colour but lacked size

Browns M/F 11 entries
1  I Mears
2  S Elliott
3  P Hallum

A.O.C. Male 10 entries
1  R. Grice  Nice large cock with excellent head+lobes good effort
2  D. Thorne.   Good colour +size, poor leg colour
3  K R Ashley. Not big enough/good colour

Winner of Class and Best Large

Richard Grice

A.O.C Female 12 entries
1  P Stubbs . Nice legs +comb good colour
2  I Mears.  Good condition lacks size
3  A Bergmanski   Fair bird lacked size.

A.C Breeding pr; large or bantam      8 entries
1  D Ash Nice pr of black  bantams 
2  I Mears Decent pr of brown large
3 A Bergmanski. Nice pr of Exchequers large  lacked size


Black Bantam Males 6 entries
1  Parker+Hickson.  As good a male as I have ever seen good head, colour, legs and body
2  I&C Mills.    Nice head and body lacked in tail and lobes were a bit rough
3  I&C Mills.   Good colour not as good as first two

Black Females 21 entries
1  R Grice.  Another good example from the well known stable of the secretary of the Leghorn club very fit and well shown
2  R Grice. Came up against a good stable mate on the day, nice bird
3  D Wilkinson. A good typed black needs to lose weight

Federation Champion 2009 Richard Grice

Brown male 12 entries
1   G Norbury.  The best from a poor quality class of cocks
2  W Hesketh.  Alittle to big and to dark
3  N Hutchinson. Not quite ready for showing

Brown females 9 entries
1  D Ash. A tight feathered nicely coloured pullet very fit and well shown not far off last years winner
2  G C  Couch. A nice bird a littie on the large side , well shown
3  K R Ashley, Again a little on the large side not as good in colour

Blue Male 1 entry
1 Good efford
Blue Females 8 entries
1  J T Crowther  Nice head+  lobe, colour not so good but good effort
2  J T Crowther. Very similar to first bird
3  G L Thornton. Lacked head gear and condition


Gold/Silver duckwing Female 1 entry
1  K R Ashley Nice effort only one in class

Columbian M/F 1 entry
1  S R Jones  Good effort

Pile M/F 2 entries
1  K R Ashley. A good effort for a colour not easy to get
2  K R Ashley Another nice pullet

A.O.C  Standard Male 4 entries
1  I W Sissons Nice to see buffs being shown well done a good effort
2  I W Sissons. Again a good colour
3  P Hallum. Yet an other good effort

A.O.C Standard Female 3 entries
1  P Hallum. Nice effort with this colour needs attention to head gear
2  I Wsissons. Again nice to see the colours kept going'

A.O.C. None standard 2 entries
1  G P Norbury, Best headed cockrell in the leghorn classes  just lacked a bit more pile colour.
2  P Hallum. Another exccellent bird in top condition and colour


White Females entries 22 entries
1  I&C Mills  Well put down bird we all need to strive to get to this level
2  I&C Mills Again another good effort not as good as the first
3  D Watson  Well shown bird at 12` o clock on the day lacked head gear of top two



Federation Reserve 2009 I&C Mills

White Male 14 entries
1  G Thornton  A good bodied, and straight combed cock, good type and well shown could do better leg colour.
2  I W Sissons  A well shown bird not as good in type as winner
3  N T Woods A smaller bird but in the best condition



G Thornton

Dear all
It was a great honour to be chosen by the members of the leghorn club to judge with my farther at the 2009 Federation show. I have to say it was strange arriving at the show on Friday night and not being  able to wander around the club stand and meet up with some of the great characters within the breed .It was to see that there was a bigger entry than there was the last few years especially in the large section .Open opening my judges book and seeing l the 11 entries for the large black leghorns as my first class I must admit had to look twice to see if I had picked up some other clubs judging book buy mistake. I have never seen so many large fowl entries of leghorn ever and it is a credit to all of you for pushing this side of the breed along . Although they were all not championship winners  nevertheless  the blocks and tools  are in place to go forward for the future .Well done to you all. After 3 hours  of judging it came down to picking the best leghorn and we decided that the black bantam pullet belonging to our hard working secretary Mr Richard Grice was worthy winner but it was pushed  really hard by another good example  white bantam pullet shown to there usual standard by Ian &Chris Mills .Lets hope that 2010  sees you all with lots  of good quality birds and that the club shows go from strength to strength
          Yours Sincerely  John Chalker


The Federation Stafford: 20 & 21 December 2008
Judges : Mr J Finlayson  M.B.E. & Mr P P Stadden

Best Leghorn                                      D Ash   Champion
Best Large                                           R.Grice
Best White Bantam                            I.C Mills
Best White Bantam Female               I.C.Mills   Reserve
Best Black  Male                                 L.P Parker
Best Black Female                              R Grice
Best  Columbian                                 K.R.Ashley
Best Brown Male                               O Chalker & Son
Best Brown Female                            D,Ash  Champion.
Best A.O.C.
Best Novice.        

2362                         1.    R. Grice
2364                         2.   .G.P.Griffan & Gillford
2361                         3    .R.Grice

2378.                        1.   S. Elliot
2379                         2.   I.Mears
2377                         3.   P.Hallum


2399                      1.   G.L.Thornton
2403                      2    I.W.Sissons
2398                      3.   G.LThornton
2396                      4.   I&C. Mills

2448                     1.   R Grice
2460                     2    I.W Sissons
2457                     3    P&E Wheeler   
2445                     4    B.Stavely

2468                      1.  D.Ash    CHAMPION
2469                      2.  W.Hesketh
2471                      3.  O  Chalker&Son
2475                      4  K R.Ashley

2481                    1.   I W. Sissons
2480                    2    K.R.Ashley
2479                    3    J.T Crowther
2478                    4.   O  Chalker & Son  

2491                   1   K.RAshley
2490                   2   O Chalker& Son                                                                                           

2493                   1   K.R Ashley
2492                   2   S R Jones

2497                   1.  K.R.Ashley 

   Dear members it is always an honour to judge the Leghorns at Stafford .In the classes allocated to me to judge there where29 empty pens a bit disappoint, but one top exhibitor told me that the frost had spoiled a lot of his birds heads so there must have been other exhibitors  in the same boat.? The champion brown bantam pullet was a top quality bird good type and colour and head. It is the best brown I have judged since 1998 when in Australia. The other classes, the white cockerels where a good class. The winner  was a good type and nice head and good white in colour  2nd 3rd  4th were  not far behind. The black pullets were not an average lot, some a bit big, others white in the wings, and a number had a lot of black in the legs, this class was rather disappointing

Blue males was a good class nice type as well Not forgotten the brown pullets behind the champion, the browns have improved in recent years and this was a good class. Itís a pity that not more other colours are been breed and shown, It was pleasing at the end of the day that the brown pullet finished up Best Light breed in the show.

2369      1. Good size and type good lobes a bit dark in legs
2373      2 not as big as winner light in eye
2368      3 Small

2386      1. Blue red,  Small
2380      2 silver d/wing square shanks

2395       Pr of Buffs small birdsí small ear lobes
2389       1 Cuckoo nice size good lobes and type
2390       2 Cuckoo good type smaller lobes

2415       1  Good white bird nice type a bit short in tail
2416       2  Good type, not so as good in the comb
2431       3  Not as white as first  two
2409       4  Nice type to many bits on the front of comb

2433      1 Nice type good lobes black back to skin good tail
2436      2 Small bird and in lobes, under colour not as dark
2435      3 Same as two not as good in tail
2432      4 Big  bird and  lobes

2463     1  Smart cock best of three
2462     2  To big
2464     3 To big 

2486    1 Fit bird nice type and colour
2484    2 A bit  dark
2487    3 Not as fit as first two

2488    1 Nice d/wing and type

Not as good as years gone by, preparation on some birds not good a lot of birds with open beaks, two with bad breast bones but nice to see a brown female champion, Well done


The Federation 15 & 16 December 2007:
Judges: Colin McCrone & Eddie Yarrow

First of all can I say a big thank you to Rosie and Bob for their help, we all thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Itís great to have an extra pair of eyes looking over your shoulder, especially Bobs experienced eyes.

It really was a pleasure to meet up with lots of people I havenít seen for some time. Itís a great atmosphere to be in and of course it stirred up the urge in both Bob and me, to take up breeding again. If Bob returns to full employment this year, I think a return to poultry keeping is imminent. 

As for me, well if I can get a bit of help when I am away from home, I would have my birds back tomorrow.  For me itís a hobby that ticks all the right boxes and I sorely miss not seeing my own birds in the garden at home and in the show pen. 

My thanks to those of you who still manage to keep the flag flying, you are obviously not only very dedicated people, but also lucky to be able to keep poultry and receive the pleasure that it brings.

Judging is not an easy job, and right or wrong, at the end of the day, itís only one mans opinion.

So my comments below agree with them or not, are only that, comments not criticism.

Keeping them and getting them into the showpen at the right moment, is far harder than judging.

Class No 624 Large White Male/Female

2056    2nd  Good type bit short in the tail

2057    1st   Good type

2058    4th Best colour just immature

2059    3rd Good type and head

2060          Poor colour (sappy)

Class No 626 Brown Male or Female

2064       Bit dark colour touch white in tail

Class No 630 Bantams  White Male

2079  4th   Good  type, pullet breeder, tiny white in face

2078         Lacks tail, good leg colour, not so good comb

2081  3rd   Good head, dished lobe, good type, lacked tail

2082          Slightly small, pullet breeder, pale legs

2083          Bigger bird, damaged lobe, good tail but tiny black peppering in tail

2084   1st   Best colour and type, good head, decent furnishings.

2086   2nd  Not as good colour as 1st good head & leg colour, nicely furnished

Class No 634 Black Female

    2123   2nd   Good colour, good head, slightly dished lobes

    2124           Good head but marked lobe

    2125            White marks in face





2130               1st  Good head & colour, better lobes

2131                     Slightly small

2132                  4th Good bird very slight white in wing, would have been 2nd

2133               Too big

2134               3rd  Nice bird slightly bigger than 1&2

2135               --

2136               Small head & lobes

2137               Nice bird white in wing & tail

Class No 637 Brown Female

     2144  4th  Big bird but good colour

     2145  3rd  Shafty, good head

     2146   1st Good type, not bad colour, fresher than 2nd

     2147     Small, good colour, poor comb

     2148    Good type, shafty

     2149    Colour OK, fold in lobe

     2150    Dark, white in wing

     2151    2nd  Colour not bad, bigger bird,

     2152     Comb over, dark colour, fan tail

     2153     Colour and head OK, pale legs lost out on type

Class No 638  Blue Male

2155    2nd  Good Head, very dark

2156    1st  Better colour and type

Class No  642

      2161 3rd

2162    2nd

2163    1st better type and colour

Class No 643

2164    1st Better colour

2165    2nd Colour not so good

Class No 644

2167 3rd ( Exchequer) Poor head and lobe and dark

2168 1st (Cuckoo)  Good head and lobe colour just a bit light

2169  2nd  ( Buff) Not so good head and blue in tail

Class No  645

2171 4th ( Cuckoo) Over the top

2172 2nd (Cuckoo) better bird on the day

2173 3rd (Cuckoo) Colour not as good

2174 1st  (Cuckoo) Nice head and colour

2175  Not bad colour, poor head

Overall I was not able to find a really outstanding bird, that I could put forward from any of the birds that I judged.

Fortunately Colin came up with a White Female that fitted the bill which we easily agreed was the Best Leghorn.

At the time I did no expect this bird to go on any further. How wrong can you be, it turned out, not only a very good Leghorn Club Champion but Best In Show.

A bit of judging pride in the fact that we got it right, it was a nice feeling, but if thereís a next time Iíll keep my mouth shut.

Overall Comments

Show preparation including training is a must.

 Most of the birds had been washed and prepared for the show and were decently presented.

However, of all the birds that I judged on the day only one bird sat in my hand contentedly and confident, it could have sat there all day.  What a difference this makes when you are judging. This bird had been washed several times and handled many times, it presented itself in the hand and pen. Itís the best start a bird can have, if it can show itself off in the pen itís already caught the judges eye. With no back covers to the pens a number of birds were more interested in the pens behind. Trying to get them to pose was not easy in fact almost impossible.

Some of the black females were showing tiny specks of white in the feathers, we need to eliminate this.

On careful examination, one bird looked blue barred, this bird could have been well in the prizes and I bet the owner wondered why not !  On closer examination I am sure this had been caused as the bird feathered up in a dry atmosphere, which staggered the growth of the feathers, causing the barring.  Itís an easy point to miss but as blacks feather up they need a constant spraying to dampen the feathers, also some extra oil in their diet.

Itís great to see the coloureds, breeding is a thankless task at times, but to those that try, keep going it is much appreciated.

One important thought for the day.

A big thanks to our secretary and family, hard enough to raise and show your birds then run a show on top of that.

Message: Leghorns take top honour at the Stafford Poultry Show.

It was a white leghorn pullet that received first prize shown by Waterworth & Woods in top form at 12'oclock out of a class of thirty. Then it went onto becoming Champion of the show.

Comparing with the second prize winner shown by Ian Mills the first one just had the edge in winning.

The best large fowl winner was a brown leghorn cockeral shown by S. Elliot and going onto being Best Opposite Sex of the show in the Leghorn Club.

So the Leghorns are looking good for the show pen and the domestic side for laying eggs.

Emma Loy (McCrone)


The Federation 16 & 17 December 2006: Judge Rodney Gregory
Class Description # in
Results (in order 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th)
625 AOC
4 1913 nice type
1912 nice type slight brown in hackle
1914 good bird not as good as above
1915 wild needs comb + wattle improvement
626 AC Breeding Pr
Large or Bantam
3 1920 good even pair
1917 cock very sappy
1919 couple of slight faults
623 Large Brown M or F 2 1902 good colour good head
1903 white in wing
624 AOC Male 4 1908 good bird all over
1911 nice but head needs points
1910 lacks leg colour needs head points
1906 good bird
633 Brown Male 4 1975 nice , type best male on the day BEST MALE
1976 as good as winner flat shinned
1977 not enough comb
1973 white in wing
634 Brown Female 12 1987 good type ,colour
1979 good type , comb just over
1981 good type light in colour
1982 as above
635 Blue Male 3 1990 type good, colour even
1991 good colour ,lack of tail feathers
1993 good, even colour
636 Blue Female 5 1998 excellent bird but uneven colour
1995 colour good comb gone over
1997 colour, type good { prolapsing }
1994 good bird
637 Gold/Silver Duckwing
1 2000 type and colour good
638 Gold/Silver Duckwing
3 2002 perfect bird well done RESERVE CHAMPION
2003 good type not ready needs 2-3 weeks
2001 good type , head poor
639 Columbian M or F 4 2005 good head ,type
2006 needs 2-3 weeks
2007 comb gone over , type good
2004 comb faults type good
640 Pile M or F 3 2008 colour ,type good
2011 type good
2010 hen nice bird
641 AOC Standard Male 1 2012 good type
642 AOC Standard Female 3 2013 needs more head points
2014 comb folded
2015 needs type
643 AOC Male
644 AOC Female
1 2017 good type


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