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Fed Champ 2015




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Harrogate 2015

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Welcome to the Website of the Leghorn Club
Italy was the original home of the Leghorn chicken, first reaching the UK from America about 1870.

Increases in body weight were gained by crossing the Minorca and Malay chicken breeds.
In commercial circles the white Leghorn has figured prominently in the establishment of high egg-producing hybrids.

To join our Club then contact:
Paul Hallum
islandeqvet@hotmail.comphone01566 780304
(To Join £10 pa: Club Cloth Badges £3 : Metal £5)

Thorn Cross Farm,
Thorn Moor,
PL15 9SN

(You can print a Membership Form from this website)                                     Click here for information on Breeding for Colour
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Could all judges please complete a write-up of their results after each Show

Could members please check their information regarding birds kept on the Breeders Lists and any Photos
Anyone with new email addresses please forward to Keith Ashley

Note to all Show Secretaries: requests for specials and rosettes etc will only be met if a schedule is sent with detailed requirements and the correct postage is on a SAE.

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